Discover Circle is a general review site that focuses on everyday products in beauty, health, personal gadgets, home, pets, and other categories. With online shopping, it is now easier and more convenient than ever to order the merchandise you need. But we find that many customers are confused by excessive options and misled by scant information on product quality. This often leads to misinformed buyers and thereafter buyer’s remorse when you purchase a product that doesn’t perform as well as promised. 

We want to facilitate better purchase decision making by providing reliable, accurate, and actionable information. Our team loves what they do: wading through the market and isolating the best products and deals in each of our focus categories. Whether your emphasis is on quality, value for money, safety, or eco-friendliness, we create detailed, tell-all, independent reviews to support your decision making. 

Our Approach

Finding the right products takes a lot more than just looking at the product images and reading the description. To deliver the quality and reliability that we promise to our readers, Discover Circle takes a thorough, hands-on approach when evaluating products. Where possible, we’ll  order the products that we are reviewing and practically test them in our office. In most other cases, we scour multiple channels to find both positive and negative sentiments that tell us the underlying story for each product. Our team also uses a concept referred to as ‘social listening’ to find and weigh honest reviews from other consumers who have already had their time with the focus product. This meticulous approach has enabled us to deliver consistently helpful reviews that our community can appreciate. 

Trust and Independence 

Discover Circle primarily focuses on everyday products that can have a significant impact on your daily life experiences (including personal gadgets, home, health, and beauty products). Our aim is to create an experience that inspires trust and confidence in our growing network. We will put in as much time as it takes to gain valuable insights into each product category. This enables us to identify product benefits and drawbacks that might otherwise be easy to miss. The result is often an uncompromisingly impartial, independent review that directly feeds your decision making. We also encourage and love to interact with our users via comments, social media, and email. Get in touch to holla, share your feedback, or let us know what type of reviews you want to be seeing more often!