WiFi Booster For Laptop – Why Should You Always Have One?

Powerful WiFi routers and mesh wireless network systems have become common across homes and commercial spaces.

However, a few people still have to suffer from slow internet and limited WiFi coverage in certain rooms. Ideally, the solution would be to set up a mesh WiFi network, but they are not cheap. Not everyone can afford to buy such an expensive system.

Then, we have to consider the second-best option out there: WiFi boosters. In case you do not know, WiFi boosters for laptops have been quite popular for a while now. It is just that many people fail to understand how WiFi boosters work and how useful they are to a laptop user.

In this article, however, we have answered all those questions regarding WiFi boosters for laptops. We will start with the basics.

What Is A WiFi Booster?

booster for wifi

A WiFi signal booster, popularly known as a WiFi booster, is a networking device used at home or office.

These devices can receive WiFi signals from the WiFi router, amplify those signals, and transmit them again. In other words, the device can boost the quality of WiFi signals in a particular house or commercial space.

It is particularly important to distinguish a WiFi signal booster from other WiFi-based accessories like a range extender and WiFi repeater.

We have to keep in mind that a WiFi booster is supposed to increase the quality of WiFi signals. It does not merely increase the capacity of the WiFi network. If you simply want to extend the signal range of your WiFi router, you may do fine with a WiFi range extender.

However, if you feel the WiFi signals are not sufficiently strong in various parts of your house, you are better off with a WiFi booster. Depending on the model of the WiFi booster you have selected, you may have different options for connection as well.

We hope this gives you a clear idea of a WiFi booster. However, you should know better before you get one for your home or office space.

How Does It Work?

wifi booster ease of use

We do not want to get too technical here. Instead, we want to explain how a WiFi booster works.

You have to pay attention to this part because it will help you understand whether you need a WiFi booster.

Like WiFi extenders and WiFi repeaters, WiFi boosters can also improve the WiFi coverage in a house/office space. However, the way a WiFi booster works is slightly different from others.

To simplify the narrative, we can count the three significant steps involved in how a WiFi booster works:

  1. The WiFi booster identifies the existing WiFi router or wireless access point in your home/office and receives a considerable amount of signals from it.
  2. Now, the WiFi booster will use its internal hardware to amplify the quality of the signal. Depending on the specific model in use, the signal amplification method might vary.
  3. The WiFi booster will transmit the amplified signal to the rest of the house/office in the third step. It must be noted that the process takes only a few milliseconds and repeats all the time.

Thanks to these three steps working in sync, devices that stay away from the original WiFi router or access point can enjoy a high-speed internet connection. Technically speaking, though, the increase of speed is just one of the many results of the amplified signal. 

For instance, if you had signals that could not connect to the original WiFi router due to a weak signal, setting up a WiFi booster should solve the problem.

It is also crucial to note that a WiFi booster often does the job of a WiFi extender. Since the system amplifies the entire signal, you can find some improvement in range.

We would like to remind you that the steps may vary depending on the model. However, the core ideas that drive the process will remain the same.

Problems Arriving from Not Having A WiFi Booster

wifi signal coverage problem

If you have a WiFi router or wireless access point without a WiFi booster, you may have one or more of the following issues.

In other words, you can use a WiFi booster if you find one of these problems in your house or office space.

Slow Internet

If you do not have a WiFi booster, you may encounter slow internet speed in distinct parts of the house or office space. Even though your devices may connect to the WiFi, you cannot enjoy the best download or upload speeds.

You cannot use the devices for gaming or streaming, either, because both of them require minimal ping.

As we said earlier, this may not happen when you have a mesh-based WiFi network. However, if you use a traditional WiFi router, you will find this problem for sure.

Rooms without Coverage

wifi signal problem in house

You have to keep in mind that WiFi routers do not offer unlimited coverage. Of course, some of the powerful router variants may offer expansive WiFi coverage, but that is just optional now.

Therefore, if you have one of the typical WiFi routers without a WiFi booster, you may have a room or two without coverage.

Since you cannot get a dedicated router for each room, it will be a problem, indeed. Alternatively, you may face slow internet issues in one of these rooms.

No internet in the backyard

Many of us love to enjoy internet access from the backyard. However, this convenient option might not be possible with many WiFi routers.

By using a WiFi booster, you can improve the situation. You have to position the WiFi booster in the correct place, though.

Therefore, when the booster receives, amplifies, and transmits the WiFi signal again, the backyard would come under the coverage. Once again, this process is a lot cheaper than setting up a mesh-based wireless network.


As you have seen in the sections we have covered, a WiFi booster is a life-saving WiFi accessory, indeed.

You can enjoy the convenience of better internet speeds and inclusive coverage areas by adding a WiFi booster to the network equation. They are way better than WiFi repeaters and range extenders as well.

We believe this guide helps you make the right choice for your home/office network.