Silk Sheets Care

If you prefer a luxurious lifestyle, then silk bed sheets are for you! Anyone who has felt the touch of silk on their skin knows how smooth and irresistibly soft it is.

Whether you are a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, a good bedsheet is always a pleasure to own.

Silk sheets are slightly more expensive than cotton sheets, and there is a perfect reason for it.

The extraction of silk is a lengthy process and requires a high monetary investment. In this article, we have explained how to take care of silk sheets properly.

Why Is Silk Used For Bedsheets?

Why Is Silk Used For Bedsheets?

Silkworms produce silk. They are known to excrete silk from their silk glands to form cocoons. Tiny larvae are present in these cocoons, which are collected and boiled.

On boiling strands of silk emerge from the cocoons. Three thousand silkworms help generate one yard of silk; you do the math!

Apart from the number, the quality of silk also depends on the techniques used to extract this silk.

The most expensive silk is called Mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is extracted from silkworms that feed exclusively on Mulberry plant leaves.

This process is long and tedious but ensures highly durable silk. Bedsheets made out of this silk last long. The quality is smoother than the other types of silk.

Next comes Charmeuse silk. This silk is not entirely soft. One side is exceptionally smooth, while the other is slightly coarse. Charmeuse silk is often used to create clothing.

Last but not least is Ethical silk. As the name suggests, this silk is extracted most ethically. Silkworms are not killed in the process.

Although the quality is not as high as Mulberry or Charmeuse silk, it weighs better on your conscience. The silk strands are much shorter and are woven together to make long strands.

The best way of judging the quality of silk is by weighing it. Silk is weighed using a measurement called momme.

An ideal bedsheet must weigh between 13-30 momme. Besides being a high-quality product, silk is also a much healthier option.

Bedsheets made out of silk do not absorb the sweat and oils from your body.

Silk prevents moisture from seeping into the sheets, keeping them clean and dry. Another excellent quality of silk sheet is to take care of silk sheets properly.

It will keep your body warm, while hot summers will feel fantastic on a silk sheet in winter. Dust mites hate silk sheets, which means they are less likely to nest in them.

It is excellent for anyone prone to dust allergies. Silk sheets keep your lungs healthy and prevent respiratory caused due to dust mites.

Low static cling is another reason silk is used for bedsheets. Less static means less frizz in your hair.

Silk sheets are lightweight but strong, and if maintained well, they can last for a long time. The breathable fabric makes it an ideal material to sleep on.

Sound sleep ensures good health, and who doesn’t need that?

Why Is Proper Sheet Hygiene Important?

Why Is Proper Sheet Hygiene Important?

On average, we spend 7-8 hours per day on our beds. Dry skin, skin oils, and other particles from your hair and body fall onto the bedsheet and accumulate there over a period of time.

If these sheets aren’t cleaned regularly, they can cause several health problems—anything from a skin rash to dust allergies.

Although dust mites do not prefer silk, they might still leave some fecal matter or carcasses on your sheets. Now imagine sleeping with all this microscopic gunk.

Just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it is not there. Bodily filth, dust from the environment, and other minute particles often settle onto the bedsheets.

Washing them at least once a week is highly recommended.

How To Properly Take Care Of Silk Sheets

Machine Wash

Washing silk sheets requires a little effort. You cannot be reckless with the way you wash them.

Let’s understand the best practices used to maintain proper sheet hygiene.

Machine Wash

Silk sheets are much more delicate than cotton sheets. When washing them in the machine, make sure to keep the temperature extremely cool.

The ideal temperature is 30 degrees C or 85 degrees F. Anything higher than this will damage the sheets. Ideally, it would be best to wash your silk sheets in a separate wash.

Bleach and fabric softeners are an absolute no-no! They turn your sheets yellow.

Harsh chemicals present in these cleaning products can end up destroying the softness of your silk bed sheets.

The detergents you use should be mild, as they can adversely affect the sheet. Drying your sheets directly under the sun is not a good idea.

The color of your silk bedsheet will start to wear off. Instead, use the ‘air’ setting on your dryer for 15 mins.

DO NOT use the standard setting on your dryer. The heat can cause the color to fade and the sheet to wrinkle.

Hand Wash

Take a bucket of cold water and add mild chemical-free detergent to it. Now soak your silk bedsheet in it. Gently wash the dirt off the sheet.

Make sure you do not wring it or scrub it hard. Doing this will severely damage your sheet. Once you have thoroughly cleaned each part of the sheet, rinse out all the soap.

Now put it up to dry. Do not leave the sheet in water for too long. It might cause the color to fade.


Ironing your silk bed sheets might not be an excellent idea. But getting rid of the wrinkles is essential.

The best to solve this issue is by using a steam iron. Directly placing a hot iron on the sheet will destroy it. 


Owning silk bedsheets is an absolute pleasure. Although maintaining your sheets might require a little effort but is all worth it in the end.

A good night’s sleep is something you can expect in return for taking good care of your silk bed sheets. An epitome of pure luxury, silk bedsheets have been around for years.

Silk is a natural fiber extracted from nature, making it one of the most sought-after materials.

If you are someone who takes delight in sleeping on silk bed sheets, then make sure you keep them clean and use the best methods to take care of them!