Our Team

Our team members have one defining characteristic: they love what they do – which is facilitating insightful shopping experiences. The bulk of our staff is made up of product testers and writers. Each team member will work in a category where they are well versed (or experienced in) to ensure that we get high-quality content. Each piece of content will be reviewed by an editor before publishing to verify it is in line with our strict quality and editorial guidelines at Discover Circle. 

Below are some of the core people who create the excellent reviews and product guides you see on our website, as well as respond to your comments and contributions. 

Jim Aguilar 

Since a child, Jim has been fascinated by gadgets. Today, as an adult, he still marvels at the rate at which new smartphones, fitness bands, and iPads are hitting the market. He takes great delight in testing these devices and evaluating their specifications and performance in different tasks. Jim is our top writer in the gadgets category – covering anything from health accessories to smart tech and home and garden accessories. When he is not busy testing and reviewing products, Jim loves to spend time outdoors hiking or lake-fishing.

Jennifer Allred

Jennifer is a nature-loving free-spirit who is naturally acclimated to the health and wellbeing niche. She spends her early morning doing yoga and cycles to work most days of the week. Jennifer just discovered writing recently and learned that she had a way with words, particularly about topics she was passionate about. She since joined our team as a writer in the health and fitness category. Often, she’ll also write on beauty, home and garden, and kitchen and dining products.

Patricia Hoyer 

Patricia Hoyer is a communications expert and our chief editor at Discover Circle. She loves meeting new people and has an insatiable appetite for learning. Patricia loves what she does and is usually the person who responds to your comments or emails. In addition to making sure that we publish the best possible content quality at Discover Circle, she is also responsible for the growth of our community on social media and other channels. 

While we come from different places and backgrounds, we all work together to make Discover Circle a success and provide a pleasant experience for all our readers. We hope that through our website, you’ll gain plenty of useful insights to help you find products that deliver the value you are looking for.