6 Types Of Earplugs

Unlike our eyes that have a natural retractable cover to them, our ears are open at all times.

What that means is, we have no natural ways to stop the almost constant stream of noise from hitting our ears unless we can move out of the place.

Unfortunately, not all of us can move away from a noise source, can we?

As some of us are forced to stay put in such locales as per their job requirements, preventing noise is nearly impossible.

Some also need earplugs to have better sleep or to prevent recurrent infections to the ear.

Whatever the reason may be, the good thing here is that there are sure ways to keep irrelevant noise at bay by using suitable earplugs.

Those ubiquitous little pieces are the best thing you can have to prevent hearing loss and is easily a must-have for diverse groups of peoples like musicians, drivers, industrial workers, and so on.

Depending on the usage scenario, different materials go into making earplugs. So, you have earplugs made of silicone, foam, wax, and thermoplastic.

Then those are of different shapes and sizes to suit different ear types.  

In this article, we have listed some of the common earplug types that save you from exposure to high decibel noise and prevent a lot of ear diseases. Read on.

#1 Electronic Earplugs

#1 Electronic Earplugs

These are among the best you can have when you need to have all-round protection against unwanted noise while still maintaining a level of situational awareness.

These are the earplug type recommended for hunters and shooters when they need enough silence to focus on their target while also letting in the correct dose of noise to make them aware of what is happening in their surroundings.

Some have high-fidelity acoustic filters that make them best suited for those having tinnitus.

The thermoplastic earpieces have been reheated and reshaped to make them well suited for different ear shapes.

#2 No-Roll Earplugs

#2 No-Roll Earplugs

It comes with a central stem that you hold to push the foam earplugs into the ears when needed or pull them out when you have moved away from the noise zone.

That makes it simple yet effective protection against noise while being easy on your pocket as well.

Usually made from high-grade foam or silicon, these are washable and can be reused. Plus, these offer hypoallergenic protection as well.

However, since these have a stem that sticks out of the ear, the no-roll earplugs aren’t meant to be worn while sleeping.

#3 Banded Earplugs

#3 Banded Earplugs

Also referred to as hearing bands, these essentially comprise of a headband usually made of plastic with an earplug mounted on either end.

They are available in different shapes for the headband and earplug and are incredibly efficient in keeping unwanted noise at bay.

Also, with the two earplugs held with a headband unit, you have the most negligible chances of losing either of the earplugs.

#4 Moldable Earplugs

#4 Moldable Earplugs

Moldable earplugs are the ones to opt for when you cannot cope with most other earplugs.

These are among the most comfortable as well, and given the excellent fit they provide for, you can easily have them on when going to sleep.

These are great for those in sports such as swimming as well.

These are usually made of soft silicone and allows for hypoallergenic protection for your ears.

Plus, it can also form a waterproof layer over your ears, preventing fluids from entering the ear canal.

Such earplugs can also be used to avoid pain and pressure-induced while flying or traveling to a high-altitude region.

#5 Foam Earplugs

#5 Foam Earplugs

These are among the most basic form of earplugs that can be an inexpensive solution to keep unwanted noise out.

They can be pretty comfortable if you can find the right pair that fits your ear.

Being made of foam, they are usually highly comfortable to wear, while insertion and removal are pretty straightforward.

However, these can fall out when worn while sleeping and can be avoided during the night.

There is a super-soft foam earplug made from low-pressure polyurethane of non-toxic nature.

Being incredibly soft, they are easy to handle while inserting into the ear is just a breeze.

Once inserted, these expand within the ear canal to provide thorough protection from external noise.

However, while those can be reused several times, it is best to discard the earplugs after several uses or when those have become dirty.

Then there are memory foam earplugs and the tip made of memory foam that does a great job of blocking unwanted noise.

Many of these come in size options of small, medium, and large to suit different ear types. Such earplugs provide hypoallergenic protection as well.

Yet another variety you have here is the one made from slow-recovery foam.

Inserting or removing the earplugs is easy while providing comprehensive protection against noise.

It makes it best suited for use in construction zones, industries, and such.

#6 Reusable Earplug

#6 Reusable Earplug

Made from premium quality silicone, the earplugs are washable and reusable, besides offering hypoallergenic protection.

The earplugs are versatile and can be used in different environments. Those include construction sites, concerts, water sports, to name a few.

These are well suited for kids, too, and can be a good fit for different ear types. You can even cut it to fit smaller ear types if so needed.

There is also a reusable earplug type that is made of beeswax that offers hypoallergenic and waterproof protection.

It makes the earplug best suited for water sports and is equally effective for other applications. For instance, these can be worn to block out noise during concerts, studying, or sleeping.

So, if you have a snoring partner, these are the best thing you can have for some quality sleep.


The ability to hear is among the primary senses we have that effectively communicates with others.

Besides, it also helps us remain situationally aware of all that is happening around us.

However, be it for work or pleasure, we are exposed to different noise types daily that can damage our hearing abilities if not dealt with correctly and on time.

To sum up, earplugs can be of different types and shapes, designed for specific purposes preventing prevent loss in hearing and ear diseases.

We hope this article helped you make an informed buying decision!