Writing & Editorial Policy

Our writing and editorial policy details guidelines on how our content is created and published. 

Team effort 

Each piece of content that is published on Discover Circle goes through a multi-person writing and review process. This ensures that we are consistently able to deliver well-aligned content that is published under our company name. You can see our team members on this page. In cases where we are reviewing highly technical or complex products, we’ll outsource the writing to an expert, professional, or freelance writer with sufficient knowledge in the focus category.

How we select our writers 

When looking for outside writers to create content on behalf of Discover Circle, we emphasize the following:

  • Professional qualifications – this includes people who are trained in the product category they’re working on. For instance, a trained veterinarian or animal trainer will be preferred to create content in the pets category. 
  • Hands-on experience – as it goes ‘experience is the best teacher’. We work with individuals who have practical experience working with the products we are reviewing. These people are easily able to deliver valuable insights that will help you make the right purchase decision. 

Each piece of content – regardless of who writes it – will be reviewed by our editor to ensure that it is impartial and delivers the value our readers expect from Discover Circle. 

Quality guidelines

Quality and authenticity are the name of the game at Discover Circle. We go above and beyond present content that adheres to the highest standards for quality. 

  • Authentic research – our work process starts with thorough research to establish all the facts on the product(s) we are reviewing. We use the internet, magazines, recorded interviews, first-hand accounts, and other sources to unearth useful product information. 
  • Fact-checking – once we have all the details we need to create a piece of content, the next step is to cross-check to make sure that the information we integrate is accurate and reliable. 
  • Referencing sources – we give credit where it is due. That means we’ll refer back to sources as much as possible. 
  • Readable formatting – we deliver our content in a format that is easy for you to consume, with proper text formatting, correct grammar, and helpful images and videos. Our webpage is also mobile responsive for readability purposes. 

Integrating feedback

Our goal is to build a review network that gets better and better. Collecting and integrating your feedback is central to this objective. If you feel that any of our content is ‘off the line’ or does not meet the quality standards you expect of us, please let us know here.