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Shine Armor

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Shine Armor

Shine Armor

Shine Armor is a car detailing product. It is an affordable at-home treatment for your car’s exterior that gives results rivaling professional detailing jobs. In this thorough Shine Armor review we are going to look at all of the reasons why Shine Armor has quickly become one of the most popular car products on the market.

This product is commonly “seen on TV” on the likes of the History Channel, MSNBC, FOX, ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, and Vice. Their best-selling product is the Shine Armor Quick Coat for the car exterior, but they have a comprehensive line of car detailing products for every part of the job.

Traditional car detailing jobs at a professional shop can cost an arm and a leg. There used to beno affordable solutions to doing it yourself at home either. Shine Armor was created by a group of passionate car guys to provide a high-quality alternative for car detailing at-home. Today theysell the number one detailing product in the world.

Shine Armor Pros and Cons


  • No water required
  • Professional results
  • Made in the USA
  • Formula is lab engineered
  • Keeps car clean longer
  • Easy one-step detailing


  • The bottles only last 1-3 uses
  • The spray-pump is a little small

Things To Consider Before Buying Car Detailing Products


Car detailing at an expert car shop can cost up to $10,000. With this lofty price tag for keeping their cars looking great, some car enthusiasts prefer to try out at-home solutions to car detailing.


If you are willing to put in the time to detail your car yourself, you can save big bucks over time.


Unless you want to spend a bunch of money and time using a car detailing product that doesn’t work, and could potentially damage your car’s exterior paint or interior components, it is a good idea to shop around a little bit and read reviews to figure out which works the best.


Shine Armor detailing products are a great solution for people who want an affordable and convenient car detailing product that actually works.

Shine Armor Features and Benefits

What is Shine Armor?

Shine Armor is a water based ceramic coating that uses lab engineered nano technologies to dissolve dirt and create a shiny protective layer over the car’s paint. Unlike other car detailing products, Shine Armor will not damage the paint, leave scratches, swirls, or an uneven coating. It is an advanced formula that protects for months.

Is Shine Armor Any Good?

Shine Armor is one of the most highly rated products for car detailing at-home because their customer’s are consistently impressed with the results. It’s super easy to use and keeps the car exterior clean, protects from the elements including rain and sun, and lasts for months at a time.It is probably the best affordable at-home ceramic coating for detailing that has ever been made.

How To Use Shine Armor

Thoroughly Wash Car

To prevent scratching the paint of the car, you want to make sure the car is as clean as
possible before applying any sort of sealant. Shine Armor dissolves dirt, but too much
dirt can prevent the best results. Use soap and water to remove most of the dirt, and use the process of “claying” to remove any dirt you can’t see. Use rubbing alcohol to get rid of oils clinging to the surface

Remove Any Paint Damage

Any sort of paint damage such as scratches will be sealed in under the ceramic coating,
which is why you should aim to eliminate paint damage before using the spray.
Removing paint damage will require a different set of tools such as a sander and

Apply In Small Sections

Once the car is properly prepped, you can begin to apply the Shine Armor using the
spray applicator, cloth, and sponge the bottle comes with. Work your way across the car’s exterior in small sections. Ceramic coating is self-leveling so it is very easy to create a smooth coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Shine Armor Last?

Shine Armor lasts for 2-3 months. Most car detailing sprays only last for about a week (or less). There are up to three uses per bottle which means that one bottle can last you 6-months or more.

Is Shine Amor Bad For Your Car?

Shine Armor is not bad for your car. It does not eat away at the paint job at all, and protects it instead. It also does not scratch the paint when you wipe off dirt, like some waxes will do. It is also environmentally friendly unlike other toxic car products.

Can You Mess Up Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is by far the most effective solution for maintaining a beautiful paint job and shine on your car, but there are some ways ceramic coating can go wrong. To get the best results, the car should be as clean as possible before using the coating. A little bit of dirt won’t cause scratching if you use Shine Armor, but too much debri on the car will make it difficult to effectively apply the coating product.

Can You Put Shine Armor Over Wax?

You should never put Shine Armor or other ceramic coatings over wax, or vice versa. The wax will keep the Shine Armor from properly attaching to the surface of the car.

Is Shine Armor Made in the USA?

Shine Armor is developed in engineering labs, manufactured, and shipped all in the USA.

How Does Shine Armor Work?

Shine Armor is a water-based cleaning product. It doesn’t require water and soap to use. It is a combination of cleaning products with sealants and shine. It uses nano technologies to dissolve dirt while forming a protective barrier against the elements.

Protect Your Car Today

Shine Armor Has Reinvented High-End Detailing for Your Vehicle. One Application Does It All. Cleans, Seals, and Protects!

Is Shine Armor Worth It?

The Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is only $34.95 at full price and is currently on-sale for less than $20 (this deal may change soon so you may want to take advantage of this price). You canget a kit with all of the detailing products you need at a discount bulk price of around $50-$60. The average detailing price for cars in the USA is around $150+, and that is for the most basic detailing job. Professional detailing can cost thousands of dollars.

The Shine Armor Quick Coat lasts for months, so you can space out washes and detailing. It has a full range of benefits that most detailing products/coats do not. It uses microtechnologies to dissolve dirt and create a shiny seal on the outside of the car. Water droplets roll-off the surface and it is also protected from UV rays from the sun.

Where Can I Buy Shine Armor?

Shine Armor is only available online. To avoid counterfeit products make sure that you only shop from the official website. There is almost always a promotion going on that can save you money on the market price of the product, like getting it for less as a part of a bulk detailing products kit. The current holiday sale makes the Fortify Quick Coat less than twenty dollars.


The creators of Shine Armor were passionate car guys who wanted an affordable solution to at-home car detailing that actually worked, so they made it themselves. In the past it would take a combination of multiple expensive products and careful, time-consuming application to get the same results that Shine Armor gives quickly and affordably.

Shine Armor is one of the most highly-rated car detailing products currently on the market because of its lab-engineered formula that works wonders. It is more affordable and accessible than getting car detailing done at a shop, while delivering the same results. To take advantage of the current promotional sales going on, visit the official Shine Armor website.

Shine Armor Review

Coating protection
Easy to use
Long lasting
No smudging


Compared to other ceramic coatings and even waxes, Shine Armor takes way less time to apply. Traditional home detailing requires buckets of water and soap, and making a huge mess of the driveway. With Shine Armor all you have to do is spray and wipe, no mess required. It is affordable, quick and easy to use, and has long-lasting quality results.


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