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These Innovative Earplugs Are Amazing!

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The instant solution to soul destroying noise

When you are in need of a good pair of earplugs look no further than QuietBuds. This QuietBuds review lists all the important info about the product. 

Loud noises can damage hearing over time which is why a lot of people use earplugs on a regular basis if they work around speakers and equipment. A single concert can permanently damage your hearing. Earplugs are an important product for preserving hearing and they also come in handy for getting some peace and quiet in noisy environments like public transportation and airplane trips. In this QuietBuds review we are going to list all of the features which make these earplugs stand out from the competition. 

QuietBuds are an innovative earplug solution. There are three different levels of noise control you can choose from. They also come in small, medium, and large sizes. Most earplugs are one-size-fits-all, but ears are not of uniform size leaving people with above average sized ears and smaller ears struggling to find earplugs that effectively get the job done.

QuietBuds has a range of sizes and various levels of sound-muting which you can not find from traditional earplug brands. The sound-muting technology that QuietBuds uses was designed by a team of medical audiology experts. 


  • Effective noise-cancellation 
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Multiple sizes available 
  • Three different levels of noise-muting 
  • Created by medical audiologists 
  • Very comfortable


  • Only available online 
  • Can be lost easily if not kept in the carrying case

Things to Consider Before Buying Earplugs 

Not all earplugs are the same which is why there are a few things you should consider before buying. 


Wearing earplugs can be uncomfortable for long periods of time if they are made out of stiff materials or if they are the wrong size. Most earplugs only come in one size, but QuietBuds have a range of sizes to fit all ears. 

Noise Control 

Earplugs are made for keeping out loud noises, but some are more effective than others. QuietBuds has three different levels of sound-muting earplugs that are perfect for various settings. The earplugs have a replaceable core which includes options for commuting, sleeping, or concerts. 

QuietBuds can shut out this never-ending din of noise, allowing you to focus or rest when you really need to!
QuietBuds can shut out this never-ending din of noise, allowing you to focus or rest when you really need to!

Protect your hearing with QuietBuds

QuietBuds are innovative earplugs developed by audiology experts with a replaceable core for different settings like commuting, sleeping, or concert going. 

Features and Benefits 

In the next section of our QuietBuds review we are going to go into more detail about what product features about QuietBuds are the best and most innovative. Keep reading to find out the answers to the frequently asked questions about these earplugs. 

What is QuietBuds?

QuietBuds are earplugs which were invented by audiology experts to provide a better solution to sound muting than traditional earplugs. These earplugs are made out of comfortable expanding foam and have a replaceable core which offers different levels of sound-muting for different occasions. 

Does QuietBuds Really Work?

The QuietBuds technology was developed by medical experts and is very effective. They can cancel out noises from even the loudest concerts. They are very good at preventing hearing loss from loud noises. You can cancel out the noise from your daily commute too. For sleeping these earplugs are a great option because they are effective at noise-cancellation and are comfortable to wear all night.  

QuietBuds have been uniquely engineered to block out loud, harmful noise and protect you from potential hearing damage.
QuietBuds have been uniquely engineered to block out loud, harmful noise and protect you from potential hearing damage.

How to Use Quiet Buds?

Using QuietBuds is super easy. Here is how. 

Order Online

Order QuietBuds in your size.


Insert the interchangeable core that you want.

Roll The Earplugs

Roll the earplugs in the hands to make it a tube-like shape for inserting in the ear. 

Plug In

Pull up on the ear and slide the plug into the ear canal. 

Twisting Motion

Use a twisting motion to secure the plug in the ear. 

Hold The Earplug In Place

Hold the earplug in place with your finger until the foam expands in about 20-30 seconds. 
QuietBuds Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs block out ALL annoying noise and chatter – while still allowing you to hear what you WANT to hear!
QuietBuds Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs block out ALL annoying noise and chatter – while still allowing you to hear what you WANT to hear!

The Benefits of QuietBuds

Here are a few of the main benefits of using QuietBuds. 


One of the main things that keeps people from using earplugs is that they find them uncomfortable. A big reason for this is because most earplugs are one-size-fits-all, however ears are not a uniform size so neither should earplugs. 

QuietBuds comes in small, medium, and large so you can choose the size which is most comfortable for your ear. The soft foam plug is also easy to insert into the ear and is safe and comfortable to wear. When you select the right size of earplugs from QuietBuds you can be confident that you will hardly know they are there. 


Not all earplugs effectively mute loud noises. QuietBuds was developed by expert audiologists so you can expect them to perform better than regular earplugs and they do deliver great results. They protect your hearing from the damage caused by loud concerts and other high decibel sound environments. For sleeping and commuting the inner core of the earplug can be replaced for a more comfortable sound level. 

Carrying Case

Losing earplugs can be very frustrating, but unfortunately it happens often due to their small size. When you purchase QuietBuds it comes with a carrying case so that you can easily store them and find them when you need them. Because they come in three different sizes they are also less likely to fall out of your ears since they fit snuggly.  

High-Quality Materials 

Most earplugs are made out of low-quality foams which are uncomfortable and not environmentally friendly. QuietBuds are of a much higher quality than most earplugs on the market. Cheap earplugs are often not effective, which is why QuietBuds were needed to create a better option for those who need them. The core of the earplugs are made with aircraft quality aluminum which is very effective for cancelling out noises. The foam plug is also made of a soft, quality foam which is long-lasting. 

Interchangeable Cores

One of the features that sets QuietBuds a league above the rest of the cheap earplugs on the market is the core of the plug is interchangeable for different settings. 

  • Commute Core 

This core is optimized for travel. It shuts out noises from trains, airplanes, or buses for when you are commuting. 

  • Concert Cores

It only takes one concert to permanently damage your hearing. This core is made for cancelling out the high decibels of sound from the speakers at concerts and live events while still being able to enjoy the show.

  • Ocean Quiet 

The Ocean Quiet core is for sleeping. It shuts out all sounds completely for a relaxing night’s sleep. No more barking dogs, sirens, or traffic noises keeping you up at night when you use these earplugs with the Ocean Quiet core. 

Each set of QuietBuds comes with two of all three of the cores so that you can easily interchange them when you need different levels of noise cancellation. 

Each set of QuietBuds comes with two of all three of the cores so that you can easily interchange them when you need different levels of noise cancellation.

Customer Reviews 

We searched the web to find out what people were saying about QuietBuds. These reviews seemed favorable for the product. 

These earplugs are way better than any of the disposable ones I have used before. I always wear them when I travel. 

Dana H.

I used to hate wearing earplugs, but I figured out that I actually just hated the ones I was wearing. Now that I have QuietBuds I actually wear earplugs to concerts like I’m supposed to. I feel better knowing that my hearing is protected from loud noises when I go to live shows. 

Oscar G.

The best thing about QuietBuds in my opinion is how versatile they are. I used to go through packs of disposable earplugs that were not even half as effective as these. 

Louise V.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We scoured the internet to see what questions people were skiing about QuietBuds. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the web about QuietBuds.

Who is QuietBuds for?

QuietBuds have interchangeable cores which make them great for different settings. People who need earplugs to sleep because of a partner snoring, traffic noises outside, or the neighbors barking dogs will love the Ocean Quiet core. There are also cores for commute/travel and for concerts. The concert cores keep the noise at live shows from damaging your hearing while still allowing you to enjoy the show. 

What makes QuietBuds so special?

Three are a few things that make QuietBuds different from their competition. All of the main differences come down to who makes it. QuietBuds was developed by audiology experts so they actually work unlike cheap disposable earplugs which are half as effective. The materials used are also of a much higher quality. 

How do QuietBuds noise cancelling work?

QuietBuds are inserted into the ear and the foam expands to fill the ear canal. This completely plugs the ear to mute or limit the noise coming through. The interchangeable cores offer different levels of sound-blocking for different settings. 

Do QuietBuds block all noise?

The Ocean Quiet earbuds block almost all noise. No earplugs are 100% effective at blocking all noises, but QuietBuds come about as close as you can get to total noise cancellation. 

Is it bad to sleep with QuietBuds every night?

Unlike cheap, disposable earplugs, it is completely safe to sleep with QuietBuds every night. Many customers use them nightly to get a good night’s rest. They are made out of nontoxic materials and will not cause damage to the ear canal when worn all night or for multiple nights in a row. 

How Are QuietBuds Different Than Disposable Ear Plugs?

QuietBuds are made out of higher quality materials than disposable ear plugs. They also have an interchangeable core for different settings. The product is made by auditory medical specialists and certified to be safe and effective. They come with a carrying case which makes losing them less likely. You can use these earplugs for a long time without buying replacements. The noise cancellation from QuietBuds is far more effective than that of disposable earplugs. 
QuietBuds let you get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP, regardless of things like traffic, noisy neighbors, and barking dogs.
QuietBuds let you get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP, regardless of things like traffic, noisy neighbors, and barking dogs.

Is QuietBuds Worth It?

If you want to get a good night’s rest in a noisy neighborhood then we recommend these earplugs for sleeping. They are definitely worth it compared with regular ear plugs because they are far more comfortable and they work better. Some earplugs are uncomfortable to wear but with QuietBuds you will hardly notice they are there. They are very versatile and can be used for sleeping or on the daily commute. Airplanes, trains, and buses can make a lot of noise from both the machinery and the people. 

A lot of people like to rest or get work done during the commute so QuietBuds actually makes this possible by blocking out annoying background noises. For protecting your hearing at concerts or around loudspeakers/machinery these earplugs are very protective. You want to prevent hearing loss and these earplugs are top of the line at getting that job done. They were made by medical auditory professionals and a lot of research went into the design. 

Where Can I Buy QuietBuds?

The very best place to buy QuietBuds is on their official website. There has been a huge demand for this product ever since it was released. There are also counterfeits online that you should look out for and avoid because they are not as safe and effective as the real thing. Order online from their website and get all of the accessories and core options that come with QuietBuds. 


QuietBuds are a more effective and comfortable ear plug solution than using disposables. They were made by professional auditory experts which makes them a lot more effective at protecting hearing. They come in multiple sizes and have interchangeable cores for different settings. 

QuietBuds Review



Head over to the QuietBuds official website to try them out for yourself. These are high-quality earplugs that are made out of the best materials. Compared with other earplugs on the market, these are some of the best that you can get for protecting your hearing. The QuietBuds official website is user-friendly and makes checkout a breeze. 


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