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Miracle Sheets

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Miracle Sheets

Miracle Sheets stay cleaner for 3x longer. In this Miracle Sheets review we found out why exactly Miracle Sheets are so much better than regular sheets. 

Keeping bed sheets clean is important for preventing acne, allergies, and mustiness. Some sheet fabrics are better than others. Miracle Sheets are bacteria resistant so they stay clean for much longer. Another benefit is that the material is temperature regulating to prevent night sweats. 

Waking up in a pool of sweat feels gross and it is gross. Sweaty sheets need to be washed more often because the moisture and heat promotes the growth of bacteria. Miracle Sheets are both temperature regulating and bacteria resistant which make them need less washing to stay clean. The quality of the materials is luxurious for more comfortable sleep. 

The company behind the Miracle Sheets product sells a complete line of bedding linen, comforters, and even bath towels. Bath towels and comforters can also grow bacteria, especially moist bath towels. Miracle Sheets has you covered with all the bacteria-free fabrics that you need for your bedroom and bathroom. 

It took the founders of Miracle Sheets 18-months to discover the perfect fabric blend to solve the problem of musty, dirty sheets and towels, but retain the softness of hotel bedding The products are OEKO-Tex certified as being eco-friendly and sustainable. 


  • 30-day free trial 
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable 
  • Bacteria-fighting cloth
  • Temperature regulated 
  • 3x less washes than regular sheets 
  • Luxurious and silky soft


  • Available online only 
  • Limited stock 
  • Only 99% effective at keeping bacteria from growing

Things to Consider Before Buying Antibacterial Sheets

Miracle Sheet sets are made with an antibacterial blend of ultra-soft cotton fabrics. They stay clean for longer, prevent musty smells, and need to be washed less frequently. Buyers should keep in mind that less washes does not mean no washes; these sheets still need to be cleaned regularly. 

When you hear antibacterial you may picture stiff hospital sheets, but this could not be further from what Miracle Sheets offer. They are very comfortable and have a luxurious satin feel to them. For people who sweat heavily during the night these sheets are great because they are temperature regulated to stay cool even when your skin is hot. Anyone who suffers from acne can also find some relief from their condition by using these sheets because bacteria in the fabric we sleep on is a common cause for acne. 

Miracle Sheets are made with USA-grown Supima cotton, one of the highest quality cottons in the world

Do less laundry with Miracle Sheets

These sheets are 99% antibacterial, temperature regulated, and made out of sustainable eco-friendly materials. It is amazing how soft and luxurious they feel too! It is miraculous.

Features and Benefits 

In this section of our Miracle Sheets review we will go into more detail about what features and benefits stand out the most about this product. 

What are Miracle Sheets?

Miracle Sheets created their linen product line to resolve the issue of bacteria growing on sheets, comforters, and bath towels. Most people do not realize that their bedsheets are swarming with bacteria growth, but it is true that sweat, dead skin cells, and hair all transfer from your body to your sheets while you are sleeping. 

This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish which creates musty smells and an unclean surface to lay down on that causes acne on the skin. Miracle Sheets are made out of antibacterial blends of woven fabric which stay clean for much longer without sacrificing comfort. 

Are Miracle Sheets Any Good?

The benefits of Miracle Sheets is less washes, better smelling sheets, less acne, and they are temperature regulated for keeping cool even when your skin is hot. If you are a hot sleeper who sweats a lot at night then you will love these sheets. They are more cleanly than regular sheets which means that they are healthier and require less washes while remaining wrinkle free. 

Miracle Sheets is a great product compared to regular linen and compared to other antibacterial sheets. They are very comfortable and luxurious. Another great thing about the company is that they take sustainability seriously and have certified that their product is eco-friendly through a third party organization. 

For people who sweat heavily during the night these sheets are great because they are temperature regulated to stay cool even when your skin is hot
For people who sweat heavily during the night these sheets are great because they are temperature regulated to stay cool even when your skin is hot

How to Use Miracle Sheets?

Miracle Sheets are only available online through their website. Head over to the official site to see the full range of options within the product line. 

Select Size

Select what size bed sheets you need; twin, full, king, or queen.  

Select Color

Select what color option you like best; gray or white. 

Select Signature

Select signature or extra luxe sheets. 

Get Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. 

The Benefits of Using Miracle Sheets

There are some great benefits to using Miracle Sheets. Here is a list of the benefits that caught our eye the most to make this a standout product. 


The words “anti-bacterial” bring to mind clinical, stiff hospital sheets. However, these antibacterial sheets are anything but stiff. The signature fabric blend is very soft, breathable and comfortable. The extra luxe option has an even more luxurious feel to it. These sheets are very comfortable, even more comfortable than standard non antibacterial sheets. 

Affordable Price 

You can get these sheets and pillowcases for an affordable price. Compared with other luxury sheets, they are moderately priced at between $100-$200. Other luxury sheets which are not antibacterial or temperature regulated can cost twice that amount. Miracle Sheets are more expensive than regular fabric sheets, but that is to be expected with the higher quality materials used. 

Sustainable, eco-friendly materials can be more pricey than typical materials which is another reason why the price tag is higher than regular sheets. With less washes necessary you will save money over time on utilities and laundry detergent. 


Why is bacteria bad? It can cause a musty, moldy smell to the fabrics that can be hard to get out or require a lot of washing. Another reason why bacteria is bad is because it can promote acne to form on the skin. Bacteria is gross, smelly, and can cause diseases to spread more easily.

People who sweat a lot at night will have increased bacteria growth on their sheets from the heat and moisture which is terrible for the skin and smells bad. Miracle Sheets are 99% effective at keeping bacteria off which means they stay clean for a lot longer than regular sheets. 

Miracle Sheets are made with pure silver to naturally eliminate acne causing bacteria

Temperature Regulated 

People who are hot sleepers and sweat a lot at night will love the temperature regulated fabric of Miracle Sheets. The fabric will stay cool even when your skin is hot which helps to prevent waking up in a pool of sticky sweat. The temperature regulation works alongside the antibacterial properties to keep the sheets clean for longer. You will sleep better with temperature regulated sheets because they are always cool and comfortable. 

Less Washes 

Regular sheets need to be washed often for cleanliness. If they are not washed enough they can smell bad and even cause acne. Miracle Sheets need to be washed 3x less than regular sheets. This saves time and money. 

Less washes does not mean no washes however and these sheets still need to be cleaned just less often. The reason why the sheets need to be washed less often is because the cotton fabric blend is highly resistant to bacteria. The microscopic organisms which live on regular sheets do not flourish on Miracle Sheets and so they require less washing to keep clean. 

Customer Reviews

We scoured the web to see what people were saying about Miracle Sheets and we found these customer reviews from people that had a lot of positive things to say about the product.

Before I bought Miracle Sheets I had a really hard time sleeping because of my allergies. I found myself wanting to wash my sheets almost every day just so I could get a good night’s sleep. Ever since I switched to Miracle Sheets I feel confident that they stay cleaner longer because my nighttime allergy symptoms have reduced dramatically. 

John C.

I decided that I wanted to make my home as clean and bacteria-free as possible so when I saw the Miracle Sheets advertised online I knew I had to try them. I love how comfortable they are, especially because they are so cool on the skin. They need to be washed less often than the sheets I used to have which means I can spend less time doing laundry. Cleanliness is very important to me which is why I love these easy-care sheets so much.

Allison P.

I have used Miracle Sheets for a while now and I can’t imagine every switching back to regular sheets. The difference is very noticeable. I loved my Miracle Sheets so much that I went ahead and ordered a bath towel set from the company as well. My bath towels used to get musty after one use, but the Miracle Sheets bath towels never get that moldy, bad smell after being wet. 

Lauren A.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Still not sure if Miracle Sheets are right for you? Reading the answers to the web’s most frequently asked questions about Miracle Sheets can help you decide. 

How do you wash Miracle Sheets?

Miracle Sheets are machine washable. They recommend on the official website to wash them with warm water and with similar colors. Drying them on a low setting in a machine dryer will help to preserve the quality. You can iron them too.

To keep the sheets from snagging they recommend not washing them with anything that has zippers or metal hooks which could catch on the sheet fabric. If there is a loose string, make sure to cut it off instead of pulling at it which could damage more of the sheets. 

How long does Miracle Sheets last?

Most sheets need to be replaced every 2-3 years, but since Miracle Sheets require less washing they can last for even longer. 

How often should I wash Miracle Sheets?

Experts recommend washing your sheets at least once a week. With Miracle Sheets you can go longer in between washes. 

What is Miracle Sheets made of?

Miracle Sheets are made of 95% cotton and 5% natural silver. The silver blend is what makes the sheets antibacterial. 

How does silver protect us?

Silver ions can actually kill bacteria. Silver is considered to be an antimicrobial material which means that microscopic organisms like bacteria are unable to grow on its surface. The uses for silver for antibacterial purposes are many, including being used in bed sheets to reduce the growth of bacteria. 

What is the difference between Signature and Extra Luxe?

Both signature and extra luxe sheets are made with a cotton, silver blend which is soft and comfortable. The signature sheets have a different kind of weave than the extra luxe sheets. The extra luxe sheets also have a higher thread count. The sateen weave used for the extra luxe sheets makes them feel silkier than the signature blend which has a more crisp feeling. 

Is Miracle Sheets Worth It?

Miracle Sheets are a good investment if you want to keep your skin clearer without washing your sheets more often. They are a reasonable price for the quality of the sheets. The antibacterial silver and cotton blend is very effective at keeping musty and moldy smells from sticking to the fabrics. 

Hot sleepers will love that these sheets are temperature regulated to stay cool against the skin all night long. This prevents the night sweats which dirty up sheets faster and can cause acne. People who suffer from allergy symptoms at night, acne, and are hot sleepers will love these sheets. 

Where Can I Buy Miracle Sheets?

The only place where you can currently buy Miracle Sheets is their official website. You can also buy bath towels and comforters which are antimicrobial. Avoid counterfeits online and in retail stores because fakes do not equal the quality of the official brand. Only shop for Miracle Sheets online through their website (they offer free shipping)!  


Bedsheets are a breeding ground for gross, stinky bacteria. Miracle Sheets use a blend of luxurious cotton and silver to prevent bacteria from growing. Silver is very effective for killing bacteria and the sheets are about 99% effective at keeping bacteria off. This means it takes fewer washes to keep them clean. 

Miracle Sheets Review

Anti-bacterial strength
Color options


Miracle Sheets are effectively much cleaner than regular sheets. Other benefits include being made with sustainable materials, luxurious comfort, and being temperature regulated to keep hot sleepers cool. Shop for Miracle Sheets bedroom and bathroom sets on their official website. 


TIP: product is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before this promotion ends!

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