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CreaClip is an easy way to trim your own hair. Read our CreaClip review to find out whether or not this at-home hair cutting device is worth the hype! 

Haircuts can get really expensive with some stylists charging over a hundred dollars for a simple haircut. If you want to start cutting your hair at home then CreaClip can help. It makes trimming your hair and creating different styles easy at home. This can save you trips to the hair stylist and save you hundreds of dollars over time. In this CreaClip review we are going to take a look at what product features CreaClip has to offer. 

The worst thing about spending a lot of money on a haircut is that there is no guarantee the haircut will come out the way you want it to. By cutting your own hair you can have complete control over your look. You do not have to go to beauty school in order to cut your own hair. CreaClip is perfect for regular hair trims and for creating new styles. CreaClip has been creating hair cutting tools for over ten years with thousands of happy customers.


  • Precise haircuts 
  • Comb makes for an even cut 
  • Easily section hair 
  • Convenience 
  • Save money on haircuts 
  • Affordable


  • Does not work for layered haircuts 
  • Made with brittle plastic

Things to Consider Before Buying a CreaClip 

If you have a haircut that requires regular maintenance to maintain, like bangs or a bob, then you can cut your hair yourself using CreaClip. It does not work great for layered haircuts because it is made to make a precise cut. For layered haircuts a better option would be a layering comb which is a comb that has a blade within it to layer/thin out sections of hair. 

CreaClip can help you to create the hairstyles that you want without expensive trips to a hair stylist. In the current pandemic it may be preferable to cut your hair at home rather than risk spreading the virus at a hair stylist. CreaClip is super easy to use and creates a precise and even haircut when used properly. 

Give yourself amazing haircuts

With CreaClip you can give yourself precise and even haircuts with ease from the comfort of your own home. 

Features and Benefits of CreaClip 

In this section of our comprehensive CreaClip review we are going to detail all of the features and benefits that make this product stand out. 

What is CreaClip?

CreaClip is a tool that you can use to create precise and even haircuts at-home. It has a clip included for easily separating the hair into the sections that you want to work with. CreaClip works best for creating blunt hairstyles like bobs, bangs, or evening out growth for long hair. 

You use the clip to section out the hair that you want to cut and then the CreaClip creates an even line for you to use as reference for cutting. Once the hair is in place in the CreaClip device all you have to do is cut the end of the hair with scissors for a precise final haircut. 

Does CreaClip Really Work?

CreaClip is perfect for creating certain kinds of hairstyles. It will not work well for creating layers in the hair because it only helps with creating a smooth, even line. CreaClip is easy to use and effectively helps you to cut your own hair. It works best for hair trims and for creating blunt haircuts with even lines. 

How Do I Cut My Hair With CreaClip?

Cutting your hair with CreaClip is incredibly easy. Here is how it is done in three simple steps.

Clip Your Hair

Clip the CreaClip to the section of hair that you want to cut. 

Level the CreaClip

Level the CreaClip so that it sits evenly where you want it. 

Cut Your Hair

Use hair cutting scissors to cut the hair, using the shape of the CreaClip as a guide. 

Why Use The CreaClip?

There are a lot of benefits to using CreaClip to cut your own hair compared to going to the stylist or cutting your hair at-home without the device. Here are five of the benefits which stood out the most to us when reviewing all of the product’s features. 

Saves You Money 

The CreaClip costs about $20 and you can use it for years to come. Compare this with the price of going to regular hair styling appointments and the benefit becomes clear. Most hair stylists charge between $40-$80 per session. For haircuts that need to be trimmed regularly like bangs or bobs, this can add up super fast. You can save upwards of $500 each year by cutting your own hair at home with CreaClip. 

Easy to Use 

Cutting your hair yourself does not require a beauty school degree. You can use CreaClip and easily create stunning haircuts for yourself. All you have to do is clip the device to your hair and adjust it until it sits flat and you are ready to start cutting the hair. The clip works as a guide for the scissors and as long as you properly position the CreaClip and use it as a guide your haircut will come out precisely how you want it. 

Control of Your Style 

If you have never gotten a terrible haircut that almost left you in tears, then you know someone that has. It is a common problem for people to spend up to a hundred dollars on a haircut just to walk away with regrets and feeling bad about themselves. By cutting your own hair you have total control on what style and what length you want to do. 

CreaClip works great for trimming long hair. A lot of people avoid getting their dead ends cut off because the stylist always cuts the hair too short. If you want to make sure that a stylist does not chop off inches of hair when you do not want that, then you can use CreaClip to trim your own hair and preserve as much of it as possible. 


Sometimes the thing that makes you procrastinate getting a haircut is the chore of having to make the appointment, drive to the salon, and wait around for your stylist to sweep up hair from their previous appointment. In short, it can be a hassle. 

With CreaClip you can cut your hair whenever you want and you never have to leave the house to do it. It is super convenient to have CreaClip around for at-home haircuts. People with children can benefit from using this tool because you can create precise and even haircuts for your children without spending more than the $20 it costs to buy CreaClip. 

Customer Reviews

We wanted to see what people were saying about CreaClip online and we found these CreaClip reviews which seemed mostly positive. 

Thanks to CreaClip I have not had my hair cut in a salon in over three years. I have saved so much time and money by cutting my own hair, and I love how it looks. 

Sarah M.

CreaClip is a super easy to use at-home hair cutting solution. I have multiple children and the cost of getting all of their hair cut adds up fast. I didn’t want my children to suffer from the stereotypical bad haircuts like bowl cuts that parents give their kids, so I decided to try out CreaClip and I am glad I did because it really works exactly how it says! 

Barbara W.

If you want to start cutting your hair at home then I recommend giving CreaClip a try. It only costs around 20 dollars and I have been using mine for years. I never thought I would be able to give a good haircut, but now I not only cut my own hair I cut my friend’s hair too! 

Danielle B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if CreaClip is right for you? Read these answers to the most frequently asked questions on the web about CreaClip to help you decide.

Can I use the CreaClip on all hair types?

Yes, CreaClip works on hair types. You can use it for straight or curly hair. It can also be used on thick or thin hair. For the best results use a flat iron or blow dryer to straighten curly hair before cutting it. This will help you to create the most precise cuts. 

Can I use CreaClip on wet hair?

CreaClip can be used on wet hair, but it works better if the hair is dry. Wet hair is more fragile than when it is dry because it loses some of its elasticity which is why dry hair works better. 

What maintenance is necessary for the CreaClip?

CreaClip requires no maintenance at all. It comes ready to use with no set-up or additional parts required besides a pair of scissors which you will need to purchase seperately. All you have to do is rinse and dry it after you use it to keep it clean and in good condition. 

What sizes does the CreaClip come in?

CreaClip comes in two different sizes. The smaller size works best for cutting bangs, childrens hair, and mens hair. The larger size has more of a curve and is made for trimming long hair. 

Are only scissors recommended for use with the CreaClip?

For the best results scissors can be used but you can also use trimmers. For a more textured and layered style you can also try using a razor. 

How does CreaClip help you get a better haircut?

There is a level built-in to the CreaClip that shows you exactly how even/straight your line is. You can easily adjust the level until the hair is completely horizontal with the device. Then you use it as a guide and your haircut comes out perfectly straight. 

The biggest problem with cutting your own hair is that if it comes out uneven you will have to keep removing hair to even it out, which leads to you accidentally cutting it too short. CreaClip solves this problem by helping you to create a super even cut on the first try.

Is CreaClip Worth It?

CreaClip is definitely worth it if you want to save money and time by cutting your own hair at home. Without CreaClip there is a big chance that you will cut your hair uneven on your first try and have to keep going back with the scissors until you get it right. This can lead to cutting the hair shorter than you had planned on. It is a super affordable product at around 20 dollars and it lasts for a very long time as long as you take care of it. 

Where Can I Buy CreaClip?

The best place to buy CreaClip is from their official website. When you shop through their official site you get benefits like exclusive deals and the best prices. Avoid buying knock-off or counterfeit versions of CreaClip because there is no guarantee that its performance will match the results of the official product. 


Getting a perfectly even haircut yourself can be hard, but CreaClip makes it simple. Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars each year to maintain your hairstyle, you can easily cut your own hair from the comfort of your home with CreaClip. It is affordable, convenient, and easy-to-use. You can use it to cut your own hair or cut your children’s hair. It works for all hair types and can be used to create different hairstyles including bangs and men’s haircuts.

CreaClip Review

Hair Types 


CreaClip makes it simple to cut your hair at home. When used correctly you can create stunning hairstyles for yourself or simply maintain your current hairstyle. Use it to trim your split ends regularly for healthy looking hair without trips to the salon. Click the link to shop their official website for the best prices on CreaClip. They also have a complete line of other hair care tools that you should check out. 


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